An eerie date announcement ad for Netflix’s first original foreign-language series, Marseille, featuring Gerard Depardieu. Created in collaboration with And Company under the creative direction of Josh Smith, the ad stars a computer generated sash, preforming aerobatics and plunging into the salty Mediterranean sea.

A series of custom-made tools were created to allow a high level of control over the shapes, speed and timing of the sash, its texture and level of deterioration, and the digital ocean featured in the last shot.

VFX supervisor David Gidali attests, “From the get-go, we knew that the key to the success of this ad was the choreography of the sash. A balance had to be found, for the sash to move in an expressive and evocative way, while also feeling natural and realistic. Early simulations revealed that the behavior we were trying to create wouldn’t be physically accurate, so we designed a special workflow to marry the physically accurate simulations with the creative needs in a seamless way.”

Creative Director: Josh Smith
VFX Director: David Gidali
Lead CG artist: Shay Goldberg