Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Outpost VFX is a pioneer in the field of “mixed-reality”, a process used to film people inside the virtual-reality environments they see in their VR headset. We see it as a way to convey the virtual reality experience to mass audiences in broadly available mediums, without having to mount headsets on each person separately.

In early 2017, we initiated an effort to introduce the world’s first live mixed-reality demonstration of a multi-player competitive VR experience. We convinced game developer One Hamsa and Warner-Brothers-owned Machinima studios, to join us in creating an activation at VRLA – one of the world’s biggest Virtual Reality conferences, held at the LA convention center. The booth became an instant success, and has inspired many other virtual reality creators to adopt similar practices when demonstrating their experiences.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve created:

Below is a demonstration video of earlier experiments made using different VR experiences:

And, as this blog post suggests we also do visual effects for 360-videos, here’s the most recent episode of a virtual-reality series we’ve worked on, for YouTube Space LA: