This five and a half minutes long immersive film was commissioned by Vulcan, Paul Alan’s science-inspired philanthropy venture, alongside four other experiences tailored specifically for the new “HOLODOME” attraction: a 360-degree immersive theater permanently set up in the “MOPOP” in Seattle. Under the visionary guidance of VR director Luis Blackaller, and the production team at WeVR – David Gidali and Outpost VFX were hired to bring Luis’s vision of a treacherous alien planet, where monstrous creatures threaten human explorers.

The technical and creative challenges were as scary as the planet visited: a budget that didn’t allow any errors, a tight and unmovable deadline and a huge delivery format. To ensure a successful mission, Gidali joined forces with Snowball VFX, a studio he was a founding member of in his early career, and where he played the role of CG/VFX supervisor for the first time.

With a great team ready to execute an ambitious vision – next came the creative challenge of designing an experience living in a unique projection environment. For this, David and Luis created a detailed 3D pre-vis which they tested in VR using a simulation of the Holodome.

Client: WeVR

Director: Luis Blackaller

Visual Effects by Outpost VFX
VFX Supervisor: David Gidali

Visual Effects by Snowball
CEOs Yoni Cohen & Eran Barel
Creative Director: Tal Fisher
VFX Producer: Roni Brand Hershkovich
VFX Production Manager: Eitan Gafny
CG Supervisor: Eric Harvey
Art Director: Michael Burde
Animation Director: Eran Lazar
Concept Artists: Tammuz Kay, Israel Breslav, Evgeny Kobuziatski
3D Artists: Vladimir Loginov, Eran Levy, Yevgeny Krachak, Yanir Tearosh, Almog Mizrachi, Sheli Ben Yair, Ori Medina
Animators: Tsahi Reznick, Artur Kazine
Compositors: Rotem Tsulker, Nathan Elias, Boris Klimenko, Artium Belikovetski
Technical Support and IT: Amit Adar, Yuval Yosef, Ido Shimon