Productivity enhancement script for After Effects.

Speedloader EULA

  • Install the script by copying it to your After Effects’ Scripts or ScriptUI Panels folder (or both).

  • You must check “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” at the top of the Scripting & Expressions tab in the Preferences panel for the script to function.

  • This is a tool in development. Save your projects before using this tool. Use at your own risk!

Brief intro:

Speedloader is a tool meant to speed up AE file loading, saving, and folder organizing. When properly configured, it should eliminate the need to use any file open dialog (whether to open an AEP file, import media, or select a destination folder and filename for your render).
It is most effective for tasks that require a quick sweep through a long list of project files – for instance a VFX coordinator doing QC and renders, or an artist tasked with a quick revision on a large number of shots at once. That’s what it was made for. It’s not as useful on projects with less than 10 active AE project files which don’t require the same speed of access – though the import and render sub-panels can definitely help in those situations as well.