David Gidali is an LA-based feature-film director and visual effects supervisor. A graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory’s directing MFA program, David has over 12 years of experience supervising visual effects and animation projects for clients including Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, NBCUniversal, A&E, ABC, Google, Sony and Coca Cola and had successful collaborations with directors Justin Tipping, Ilya Polyakov, Bennet Silverman, Oren Kaplan, Aaron Nee and Martin Wichmann Andersen, among others.

David’s latest feature film “10.0 Earthquake” (2015) is available on demand on demand on all streaming services.

Through his Outpost VFX LLC David offers exclusive access to a network of international “rock star” visual-effects artists and studios, who are responsible for most of the work featured on this site.

David has saved the day for me on multiple productions. He always brings a calm and patient approach to set and comes with a variety of solutions based on what we have in place and what we have time for. In addition to being a great VFX artist, David is also a director which gives him the ability to make other directors and DPs with less experience in VFX feel comfortable with the VFX plan.
I highly recommend David as long as he is wrapped in time for my next show.
Casey FentonSenior Line Producer - AwesomenessAwesomenessTV

As a director, I have worked with David on a couple of projects, and I can only highly recommend him. He’s very much on top of things and gives his advise in an extremely professional, creative and positive way. He’s very calm with no ‘attitude’ at all and therefore an absolute pleasure to work with. Apart from always delivering a great final product (and always on time), one of the reasons I like working with him, is that he’s a talented director himself and understands storytelling and what I’m looking for. I only have good things to say about my experiences working with David and hope to collaborate with him again on upcoming projects.

Martin Wichmann AndersenDirectorVimeo page
I would highly recommend David. He’s everything you want out of an on set VFX supervisor. He prepares in depth, asking the right questions to make sure he understands what the creative goals are as well as the budgetary, time parameters. From there, he’s a strong collaborator and that offers well informed tweaks and solutions. He knows his role on set and does it well.
Bennet SilvermanDirector
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